Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Interview with a Mogul: Fashion Spotlight Tony Foster

Photo Credit: Tony Foster

Say hello to Tony Foster. A 22 year old Morgan State University Public Relations major, and Junior Stylist for Sunglass Hut, hailing from Baltimore, Maryland.  B'more Stylish had the chance to speak with the self proclaimed fashion mogul about his niche' for fashion, some of his favorite designers, and find out what's his "go to" piece for adding extra flare to an outfit.

B'more Stylish:  How long has fashion been of interest to you? Would you say the niche' has always been there?

 Tony Foster:  I have always been interested in fashion since I was a little boy. I would even go as far as recreating looks from the children on Barney and Friends because of my love for fashion. Growing up, I learned to sew all on my own and I would cut up my jeans into shorts and make long sleeve patchwork shirts. My passion for fashion has always been with me through out my entire life.

Photo Credit: Tony Foster

B'more Stylish: Who are some of your favorite labels, designers, and models, why?

Tony Foster: As the youngest boy in my family, I grew up getting most of my things from my older brother. I would look at magazines and runway shows and tell myself that one day I would own some of those fashions worn by the great Naomi Campbell or Tyson Beckford.

Now that I am an adult and I work to support myself, I can indulge in Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada, Michael Kors, etc. For me, the name means little next to the quality and craftsmanship put into the products created under these designer names. These, and many other fashion houses, understand luxury and they understand that making a classic piece can help establish its longevity with its owner. I have pieces that are 15yrs old (passed down to me) and it still looks like it could have been just purchased. That means the world to me, knowing that I can have my labels for years to come.

Photo Credit: Tony Foster
B'more Stylish: What career if any do you plan on pursing within fashion? What is your dream job?
Tony Foster:  I am a Communications Major at Morgan State University concentrating my Degree in Public Relations. I am pursuing a career in fashion PR. I have high hopes of becoming a Runway show/event Producer in the fashion industry. That is my dream job and all of my experiences working as the Fashion Show Director of A.B.C (Absolutely Beautiful and Confident Modeling) Org. at Morgan State University have helped to prepare me for my wonderful future.

Photo Credit: Tony Foster

B'more Stylish: Everyone has that  "go to" look, or piece of clothing that can save them in any situation. What is yours?
Tony Foster:  This is a pretty hard one for me, hahaha. I mean, I don’t just have one “go to” piece but, if it had to be narrowed down, I would say it wouldn’t be a piece of clothing, for me it’s my sunglasses. Anyone who knows me knows how much I loveeeee sunglasses. They can take any outfit from Drab to Fab in seconds! I have soo many and it’s so hard to even pick one for a day. Sunglasses are a big part of any outfit, be it an aviator style from Ray-ban, an over-sized round style from Tom Ford, or even a vintage cat-eye from Christian La'criox. They can help with your overall look and boost your confidence level on those “Final exam, Zero ounces of sleep” days!

Photo Credit: Tony Foster
B'more Stylish:  If you could style anyone, who would it be, and why?

Tony Foster: OF COURSE I would loveeeee to style Kanye West!  Yezzy is amazing and I love his fashion choices. Although his style is a tad bit different from mine,  I would welcome challenge of finding garments for him to wear for press events, awards shows, etc with love. You name it I’ll do it! lol

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