Monday, July 2, 2012

Fashion Maven: Brittany Byrd x The Online Vintage Store

Meet Brittany Byrd, owner of The Online Vintage Store.
Age: 23
Location: Baltimore, MD.

What made you start The Online Vintage Store?
I actually always wanted to own my own vintage store and so I really was just waiting for an opportunity to have enough cash to open a boutique. The reason it became an online store is one day on twitter, I tweeted "I'm gonna start an online vintage store" and it was retweeted by like 30 plus people. So I'm like oh shit maybe I really should! So I started a tumblr and then my good friend Lavon Wilkins says "Nooo, do a real site." And viola!

Describe the type of woman/girl that shops at The Online Vintage Store?
I don't really like to put a label or type on anyone, but if I had to say the type of girl that shops at The Online Vintage Store would be an eclectic being. One who doesn't follow the trend, but wars what she loves.

 What types of items do you sell (clothing, accessories, shoes, etc)?
I sell women's clothing.

What's the process of finding clothes for The Online Vintage Store?
There isn't much of a process for finding the clothes. I basically just go to all my favorite thrift stores and vintage shops and choose things that I love. Process sounds so strategic. It's just basically me, just shopping (laughs).

What sets The Online Vintage Store apart from other boutique shops?
The Online Vintage Store is different from any other boutique because its completely me. Everything about the store is me. I choose what I like. I style it the way I want. I shoot the pics and arrange them how I want. The music that's on the site is always songs that I'm playing in the car OD tat week. There is nothing generic or copied about The Online Vintage Store.  I also like to give it a mom and pop feel. I truly appreciate my supporters and I love my supporters because they appreciate my artistic expression which is fashion and styling.

Describe your personal style?
Whoa! Umm... my style is funk, free, fabulosness! I'm always different when it comes to my choices like you will never know what you are gonna get!

Who are your favorite designers? Why?
Right now my fave designers are:
Hubert De Givenchy: He's an ultimate innovator. I'm no designer, but I definitely appreciate his eye for patterns
Alexander McQueen: For being over the top
Gianni Versace: His era in fashion was aaaammmmaaazzziiinnngggg

-Krishana Davis

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