Monday, July 2, 2012

10 on Style: Asia Jones

"Embrace your awkwardness." 
-Asia Jones

10 on Style: Asia Jones
By Diamond Newman

 Can you say, Facebook?  Thanks to this social media power player, I was introduced to the image and style of Asia Jones.  Asia is an 18 year old, Baltimorean with  the look of a hippie urbanite and the swag of a fancy tea-sipper. From talks of Rihanna’s ‘Tumblr Girl’ look to Baltimore’s need of fashion moderation, this pale skinned, Mexican-embroidery lover chatted everything, style.  What a delight, eh? With genuine style and personal thought, it was my gorgeous pleasure to give the swaggy Asia Jones….10 on Style.

  1. What are you wearing today?
Today, I am wearing my tannish, leather boots that I got from the thrift store, that I absolutely love, with my lace, black skirt that I made fishtail. On the top we have my red, floral, lace, Mexican-inspired, off the shoulder, cropped top. To top it all off, I have my black brimmed hat. Oh, I forgot about my gold necklace. Iced out. [Giggles]

  1. When you wake up, what is your styling process?
Really I just look at what is at the top of my drawer, unless I have an idea in my head, which I usually don’t. I’m not the type to pick out my clothes at night, and have it ready in the morning.  I just throw on whatever and hope it looks right, and if it doesn’t [look okay], I’ll switch a top or switch a bottom. I usually don’t match though, so it just comes together [Giggles]

  1. Describe your style in 5 words?
Hmm. That's a hard one. Funky. Edgy, Risky. Why are all these words ending with a "y." It's as I don't know any words. Uh, what's that word? Eccentric. Um, I need a fifth world. Um, I just try to make it flattering to... myself.

  1. How do others view your style?
A lot of people love it. A lot of people say, “Asia, I love your style. You dress so cute.”, and I’m like, “Oh, thank you.” But, people who are more closed-minded, those that don’t really see a lot of people trying different things, look at me like I’m crazy. They look at me like I’m country, or tacky, but I don’t pay them any mind.

  1. What are your “go-to”  shopping locations?
 My favorite places to shop are thrift stores because ever since I started shopping at thrift stores, I’ve been extremely cheap. I like H&M and Forever 21. I like Urban Outfitters but their clothes are made so cheaply and it makes me angry. I also do a lot of online shopping. I like Etsy, and they also have a lot of vintage stores on E-Bay that a lot of people don’t know about.  Really, check them out. I just really like cute bargain shopping. I don’t like spending a lot of money on clothes; I’m not that flashy.

  1. What are your inspirations?
Solange. I love Solange. I love how she just wears anything. [Ed. note: Who doesn't?] I love her bush.  I love bushes. [Pulls Hair] Other inspirations? I would say my sister is a fashion inspiration, that’s when I started dressing different. Once she started, I would always wear her cloths. [Laughs]. 

  1. If you could be Baltimore’s only stylist, what would you have everybody wearing?
I want to see more conservative wear. I want to see more button-ups with  cute little jackets over top of them; high-waisted trousers and flats, that’s what I really like. I want people to look more natural; I want them to keep their faces natural and their clothing natural.  I like basic colors [but at the same time] I like putting different prints together that simply look crazy.

  1. What fashion/style icon would you say is simply overrated? Why?
[It would] most definelty be Rihanna. I mean I love Rihanna ‘s style, but I’m not liking this whole[pauses]….she’s looking like a ‘Tumblr Girl’ now. These hats, and these Jordans? I don’t know.  I don’t like tennis shoes personally, but I don’t understand why everyone now is trying to wear tennis shoes and snap backs.
Who else? Oh. I really don’t like Cassie’s style. Her style definelty doesn’t fit her. She definelty doesn’t pick out her own clothes. You can tell. You can tell when someone picks out their own clothes; [you can tell] when they don’t have a stylist.

I like Selena Gomez.  She’s so chic. And, definitely Emma Watson. Oh, and I’m not crazy about Lady Gaga. [She] is too much. She’s exaggerated. You can’t walk down the street in that kind of stuff.

  1. Hypothetically, you’re a Fashion Forecaster, what’s the next trend and where is it coming from?
Mexican Embroidery. [You know], like those long dresses and embroidered tops? [The trend is] going to come from blogs. And, I felt like I saw this tye-die, cut up jean stuff happen before it happened. I felt like I could see into the fashion future.

  1. What does style mean to you?
Style means being unique, being yourself, and not caring what other people think. Just being free. Not caring what anyone else has to say.  Put it on and feel good in it, and people are going to notice.

-Diamond Newman

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